Wen, Visionist, and a rework of that Joe Buddens track?
Saga’s Treachery April 15, 2015
Lost Codes alum Saga drops an EP of dark DJ tools to get the roughest dancers moving. Dark0 and Visionist are on the remixes.
K9's Mad in the Cut is dark, raw and angry. Fans of hardcore rap should pay attention.
Torii MacAdams wears King Tut jewelry George Santayana wrote that “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” That statement is an annoying platitude at best, but that doesn’t make it entirely untrue. On a macro level, the nation nervously adjusts its collective protective cup in preparation for a possible third kick […]
Instant Son Raw – just add beer. I’ll spare you the Rakim line – suffice to say that since I last wrote a round up post, a whole lot of releases and mixes have grabbed my attention and now you get to reap the benefits. The theme this week is dynamic opposites: artists, labels and […]
Son Raw is the rap Bill Murray. No, this isn’t groundhog’s day – I wrote about this combination a few months back but like The Low End Theory and Autonomic Podcasts, when these crews hit Rinse it’s always worth a mention.  Dusk & Blackdown returned to radio after another extended absence, but while the irregularity […]
Son Raw’s continuing look at the instrumental Grime scene. Ya ‘dun know. Part 1 here.  15 – Bloom Bloom fucked with everyone’s head in 2K12 and kept the madness rolling this year with choice remixes and a release on Visionist’s Lost Codes label. His music wasn’t pretty but it damn sure was effective thanks to […]
Son Raw has gone through 150+ war dubs this week. Please stop. In case I haven’t made it obvious, Visionist is a shoe-in for my producer of the year. Equally beloved by Grime’s new wave and the amorphous East Coast beat scene coalescing around acts like Nguzunguzu and Fatima Al Qadiri, he’s slowly developed his […]
Son Raw sees you lurking More ultra-dark, gunshot festooned beats from ‘di man like Visionist, this time on Berlin-based electronic label Leisure Sounds. This probably means we’re about 6 months away from dark instrumental Grime becoming really cool and its inevitable absorption into the all-consuming Berghain sound. The Teutonic dance hive mind does not fuck […]
Son Raw is cold just listening to this There’s a frigid current flowing through Grime’s veins circa 2013. Maybe it’s a reaction to the (admittedly awesome) dayglo futurism of the Butterz camp, but it feels like every day there’s a new release celebrating the lo-fi weirdness of the genre by splicing its genetics with Industrial […]