There's always been a weird uncanny valley effect to Murlo's music where South and East Asian tonalities and instruments collide to create world music from a country that doesn't really exist.
Brad Beatson¬†knows it’s Monday. Sometimes, when I meet a woman who seems interested, I spout fiction as fact. I want to project where I think I’ll be rather than own up to where I’m at. I don’t think they want to hear about the drudgery of freelance work or the financial benefits of the dollar […]
TRUTH. BEAUTY. EMOTION. SOUL. FUNCTIONALITY. AWESOMENESS. MINIMALISM. SHABAZZ PALACES. Ish is holding court at Gorilla Vs. Bear today — dropping old Mingus, Gang Starr, Mobb Deep, Funkadelic, and 80 Blocks From Tiffany’s. Instructions self-evident.
Rap sites are slipping. Someone needs to step up and do an oral history of Supreme Clientele. I’d pitch it myself, but I imagine I’d only get paid in Duncan Hines monuments. Truthfully, I prefer Starks’ magnum opus shrouded in myth. I do not want Rap Genius to explain what a Monty Hall expo is, […]
Action Bronson is The Symbol October 22, 2012
Son Raw is all about exploitation If Action Broski doesn’t make it as a rapper (which incidentally would be a crime against music), he can always star in Robert Rodriguez flicks from now until infinity. From acrobatic assaults on tables worthy of the original Bam Bam, to corrective measures delivered to pimps, hoes, gangsters and […]
Hesk & Paveun React October 8, 2012
Son Raw strongly identifies with this video. The underground music media does an absolutely horrible job of representing Montreal to the outside world. Whether it’s promoting hirsute and impish non-factors or confusing acts at hi-concept techno-tourist festivals* for stuff that gets played here on a regular basis, any coverage this city receives promotes a distorted […]
File this video somewhere between The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Westside Story, A Clockwork Orange, the story of Hansel and Gretal and The Barber of Seville. Black Moth Super Rainbow living up to the bleakness and kaleidoscopic color of their name — as always. Too weird to live, too rare to let those haircuts persist. […]
First things first: this ain’t for the faint of heart. Should you be squeamish and averse to blood, guns, poison, and tattoos, I advise you to steer clear. Couple this with Killer Mike’s “Big Beast” video and it can induce vomiting, epileptic fits, and fill up Angola prison for the next six months. Amigo the […]
Rap Frost Vs. Nixon: June 15, 2012
Most video interviews aren’t worth your time. You have turn off your music, get in stealth mode from your employer and most of the time it rarely amounts beyond a heap of cliches. Not this time. A$AP Rocky and Danny Brown interview each other and it yields one of the greatest exchanges of all-time. Danny […]