RIP Spaceape October 3, 2014
Son Raw wrote this. Never would I have thought that I’d be writing two eulogies for Hyperdub artists in one year, but fate is cruel and reality is harsh. The Spaceape was of course, a brilliant poet and by all accounts, an incredible live performer before his battle against cancer denied us of his talents […]
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LV's second album with Josh Idehen has enough pop power to transcend its London underground origins. Son Raw reports.
Hyperdub at 10 June 10, 2014
Son Raw is celebrating his 30th anniversary. There was no better place than Fabric to celebrate Hyperdub’s 10th anniversary. It was a little rude – half the people in attendance were seemingly there to pull or get off their heads, a little intense – the bass in room 2 threatened to disembowel more than a […]
Kyle Ellison alternated with the greatest and updated his speech When you have a voice like Flowdan’s it doesn’t take much to evoke straight-up fear through the system. Paired with Footsie’s beat on ‘Ambush’ – a sinister hybrid somewhere between grime and trap – the Roll Deep emcee creates what Peep Show’s Super Hans might […]
It’s easy to assume that Jessy Lanza is just the angelic voice, but she’s first and foremost a producer. The Ontario native has a degree in Jazz, and was studying for a Master’s in Musicology until she dropped out to focus on making music. Both her late-father and mother were musicians, and her production partner, Jeremy […]
Son Raw just hit 500 followers. He’d like to thank the academy. He’s also lazy at recruiting followers. Like Mr. T, I pity the fool who attempts to categorize the madness put out by Hyperdub at any given moment. Kode9 is busy confounding European tastes by combining Juke with Trap, DJ Rashad and Spinn are […]
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Jessy Lanza’s Analog Charms September 11, 2013
Son Raw might have a schoolboy crush here. Pop eats everything, but that means anyone can co-opt pop. Pull My Hair back, the debut album by Hamilton Ontario’s Jessy Lanza could be categorized as 80s revival, alt R&B, Post-Dubstep and half a dozen other subgenres. But at the end of the day it’s a pop […]
Son Raw wants to know why you smoking reggie? It’s impossible to listen to the music DJs Rashad, Spinn and Earl are making these days without making connections. Connections to the records they sample – 90s Hip-Hop classics like Lyrics to Go,  Luchini and C.R.E.A.M get atomized and accelerated along with the classic soul platters Chicago […]
Adam Wray is in Berlin. As S. Combs once said: you can hate him now. It’s a wonderful time to be an avid footwork fan. As the 15-year plus genre matures and its popularity grows globally, its core artists are pushing the sound upwards and outwards while settling deeper into their own unique styles. DJ […]
DJ Rashad gives no fucks June 17, 2013
Son Raw bumps jams like this before breakfast. I have just been informed that DJ Rashad, in fact, gives no fucks. This goes against previous counts that placed the number of fucks given as slightly higher than zero, so we should all breathe a sigh of relief now that this egregious error has been corrected. […]