T. Williams returns to the Dread D moniker, plus new ones from Kid D, Rabit, Myth, and Murlo.
Grime Wrap Up: September September 30, 2015
Royal T's "Shotta" gets remixed, Finn's at the door, Rabit provides a proper John Carpenter tribute, and more.
In the immortal words of Ghandi: Fucks with me and my record store bills.
Rabit's Black Dragons was so far ahead of its time when it dropped that he can release a vocal version over a year and a half later and still have it sound fresh out the box. Meanwhile, Riko's yardman flow is an immediate draw and his tendency to vocal the deepest, darkest riddims separates it from trancehall's current obsession with chart pop.
Son Raw can’t figure out of this column is monthly or bi-weekly. No intros needed, you know the drill – nothing but the freshest Grime and Bass music to have dropped over the past couple of weeks.
Son Raw’s continuing look at the instrumental Grime scene. Ya ‘dun know. Part 1 here.  15 – Bloom Bloom fucked with everyone’s head in 2K12 and kept the madness rolling this year with choice remixes and a release on Visionist’s Lost Codes label. His music wasn’t pretty but it damn sure was effective thanks to […]
Son Raw is floating on a Kush cloud. How far can you push street music before it becomes something else entirely? This is what goes through my mind when listening to Houston-based producer Rabit’s Sun Showers EP, a release that pushes up against the limits of dance music’s structure all while making use of its […]