Shlohmo remixes “Avalanche,” complete with requisite falling debris, pianos that feel like they’re pressed on your spine, and the watery percussion that feels like a rip tide taking you down. Gravity is the operative agent. If you seek the mixed metaphors, this is some graveyard, smoked out and staring at the smog music. Use this […]
Shlohmo murking Electric Guest’s happy-go-luck Morning Becomes Eclectic pop into something sinister that you need to go and ask your minister about — or your Rabbi. Slinking beats dragged through the dirt, knuckles up, opiate coma music to ride on vogues or vogue to. Very slowly. The song is called “The Bait.” Here it is, […]
Danny Chau is known for his killer crossover. “Man, I got a lot of problems…” After rattling off a few of his early hits (though “Imma Star” was conspicuously absent) in his special guest appearance for the last leg of Shlohmo’s Laid Out tour last Saturday, Jeremih paused to get a few things off his […]
Give credit to Abel Tesfaye and Jeremy “Zodiac” Rose, whose first album under the Weeknd umbrella fulfilled that hoariest of cliches: it changed the game. The songwriting was weak, but the aesthetic was clear, so much as an aesthetic can be clear when it’s clouded by enough prescription pills and cocaine to make Anna Nicole […]
Chris Daly doesn’t need any more baby-making music, but he will gladly accept it. Ghost in the Machine generally refers to one of a few things. The more scholastic might read it as British philosopher Gilbert Ryle’s refutation of René Descartes’ mind-body dualism. The Sting-inclined might process it as the Police’s fourth album that offered […]
Young Shlohmo comes through stunning with the Burial meets Prince meets the last scene of your favorite sad film where the protagonist is stumbling in the rain and screaming “NOOOOO!!! BUT I LOVE YOU.” Or something similar. Or nothing similar. If you call this PBR&B you deserve to have a full can of cheap domestic […]
Shlohmo – “Later” January 14, 2013
In which Shlohmo has an opium dream inhabited by Burial, Prince, Clams Casino, and DJ Screw. In the words of my favorite mystic L. David, it is pretty pretty good. “Later” is the first track from his Laid Out EP, dropping March 5th on Friends of Friends/Weditit. Rejoice in your most melancholy fashion.
Shlohmo has spent the last year doing low-pro work for some of the bigger names in contemporary music. No secrets divulged, but they’ll see the light sooner than later. In the interim, one leak gushes from an unreleased remix of Little Dragon’s “Sunshine.”
LOL Boys – Changes (Shlohmo remix) from Video Marsh on Vimeo. Credit Yung Shlohmo with the very rare ability to turn a song from a group called LOL Boys into a depressing dirge ideal for those drinking coffee in dark rooms, chain-smoking squares, and wandering around in a fugue state. The funny thing is, if […]
Shlohmo — BBC 1 Mix August 5, 2012
In which Shlohmo drops another mix optimally oriented for codeine connoisseurs. Beat game Clayton Kershaw. Some sluggish and stellar remixes of tracks from Just Friends (ic Jaar and the director of Amistad’s daughter), “Crew Love” and the LOL Boys. Plus, an unreleased track. Lean back on a Sunday and enjoy. Tracklist below the jump. Via […]