As Q-Tip and the Buddha repeatedly instructed the youth, things move in cycles. The jerk movement only pindropped so far and like all dance crazes, it evaporated as soon as kids returned to school in the fall. Yet it ended up including many talented teenagers in its sweep: Y.G. and Mustard in particular. TeeFlii was […]
Despite the world’s most boring introduction thanks to me not having coffee prior to the show (as Remedy said: Never Again), there is a new Shots Fired. Our quests were House Shoes and Quelle Chris, who are pretty much the best podcast guests in the domain of podcastdom. Naturally, the show quickly got bizarre. Pro […]
For the latest Shots Fired, Mibbs of Pac Div visited the Cosmic Zoo to talk about his new solo music, how the Antelope Valley shaped Pac Div, dealing with the major label shuffle, and coming up in the LA rap scene circa 08-09. If you’re interested in the last half-decade of LA hip-hop, the pros […]
The new Shots Fired will drop early next week, maybe, probably. Hellfyre Club is on tour and I failed all the audio engineering classes I never took. We’ll make due. In the interim, the estimable Mike Campbell comes through clutch with a clip of our next episode. We interview Mibbs of Pac Div about Palmdale’s […]
As promised last week, there is a new Shots Fired with San Francisco turntablist legend, DJ Qbert. He steps into the Cosmic Zoo with aplomb to discuss aliens, the Illuminati, trips to the porn store with a young Kool Keith, and the evolution of his career. There are also stories about his early years working […]
We’re switching the release of Shots Fired to Monday because we are filled with wanton disregard for your feelings and emotions. However, to ensure that the thirst remains realer than a superhero mask, we’re dropping a taste of the next episode in video and pog form. Our guest is the illustrious Qbert, maybe the greatest […]
Dam-Funk, one half of 7 Days of Funk, the man who single-handedly revived an entire genre with only plutonium drums, a cat and a keytar, is our guest for the latest Shots Fired. Topics covered include: the story of how he and Snoop came together, social media, independent music, and the idea of stardom. Also, […]
Max Bell also endorses the Howie Mandel and Fred Savage vehicle, Little Monsters. Nocando has been riding the wave for a minute. Low End Theory remains popping and popular as ever (ask ¬†your local fire marshal). Hellfyre Club dropped one of last year’s best rappity-rap releases¬† (Dorner vs. Tookie) and will soon be headed to […]
The latest episode of Shots Fired features the honorable Isaiah Rashad, whose young career has already found him eclipsing Isaiah Thomas of the Sacramento Kings and Isaiah Thomas, the Detroit PG-turned-Executive Fiasco. That’s not a bad track record. As you probably know, he is the newest member of Top Dawg Entertainment and has gone four […]
No introduction necessary. The cat-loving gentleman who makes beats harder than carpet bombs came on the latest episode of Shots Fired. We talked about pop star cyborgs, running an indie-rap label, the greatness of Bell Biv Devoe, his Run the Jewels partnership with Killer Mike, the early years of Company Flow, and much more. Rap […]