In tribute to the late JayDaYoungan (RIP), a never-run 2018 feature on the Bogalusa rapper by Jeff Weiss.
Luke Benjamin weighs the merits of two of Baton Rouge's finest.
Believe Scotty Cain July 16, 2015
Scotty Cain might be Baton Rouge's next great rapper if he ever gets out of jail.
Updated: Now you can download these as Zip Folders. Best of Boosie Part I and Best of Boosie Part II Since Wednesday’s release of Lil Boosie, the most common question I’ve been getting is where do you start with his music? The answer is difficult because Boosie has a discography as deep as Lil Wayne […]
This old picture of Boosie is everything: the jewels, the paternal love, the gap-toothed impish grin.  I digress. There are two reasons for this post. The first is that in case you missed it, Boosie remains incarcerated, despite the spate of racist hoax stories that disseminated across the web earlier this week. I spoke with […]
Max Bell conducts all business meetings at the IHOP. The wise man knows that he knows nothing at all. I’m either paraphrasing Socrates or RZA. Listening to too much rap in college can cause you to conflate philosophers and rappers on a regular basis. Baton Rouge’s Southside Brasi, Kevin Gates doesn’t know many things either. He […]
2013 has regrettably arrived and vanished without a single 10-year anniversary article on Ghetto Stories, the album that broke Webbie and Boosie outside of Louisiana. I understand it’s not easy to wrangle Mel and Turk, Webbie or Boosie, but someone could’ve at least called up Mouse on tha Track to rattle off a few memories. […]
A reminder that the ratchet cities were Shreveport and Baton Rouge before the Miley and molly crowds stole it like Prometheus untwerked. Max Minelli is a BR legend and the backstory has already been articulated here. If you know his catalogue, he has plenty of searing tears for the fallen songs, trunk rattlers to ride around […]
Still no update on Boosie’s return home. If I had to guess, expect it to still occur next year, around the time that people start selling fireworks. Marlo Mike, the alleged hitman, was convicted last month — a story that got all too little national press. Which is to say, zero. There are plenty of […]