Chris Daly regrets investing his children’s college tuition in Eastman Kodak. Time upon a once, jazz very much informed hip hop, with artists from Stetsasonic to A Tribe Called Quest using their parents’ record collections to form the backbone of their beats. As Q-Tip sagely pointed out, however, “don’t you know that things go in […]
Chris Daly can tell that you’re from Kowloon Bay as opposed to Hong Kong. Let’s get this out of the way and keep this 100 from the get-go–I ride HARD for Mecca:83. Ever since the Manchester beat maestro dropped “3 for Free” back in April of 2010, i’ve been intrigued by his mastery of late […]
Chris Daly is seven years of bad luck. Late night and dusty is how I like my beats. You know this by now, mang. If you’re producing jawns appropriate for well past the midnight hour, odds are you have my ears’ full attention. That said, I’m not unwilling or unable to leave my comfort zone. […]
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Chris Daly doesn’t twerk, he boogies. I have to admit, it took me a minute to catch up on the latest Miley Cyrus “debacle.” First off, who knew MTV still had anything to do with videos, yet alone still hosted the VMAs? I thought you had to be an emotionally stunted, preggo teenager or a […]
Chris Daly stared at this cover for several hours prior to writing. Few young dance producers have seen as much artistic growth as Shigeto. From the ethereal float of “What We Held On To” to the astro-beats of “Full Circle,” the confessional dreaminess of “Lineage” to the production creativity of “BEATS 4 DILLA,” Zach Saginaw […]
Chris Daly doesn’t need any more baby-making music, but he will gladly accept it. Ghost in the Machine generally refers to one of a few things. The more scholastic might read it as British philosopher Gilbert Ryle’s refutation of René Descartes’ mind-body dualism. The Sting-inclined might process it as the Police’s fourth album that offered […]
Chris Daly once smoked out of a potato that he steeped for several days in a glass of water. When considering Vancouver beatsmiths Nick Wisdom and AstroLogical, is it more appropriate to classify them as solo artists on Jellyfish Recordings or as members of the stellar Potatohead People (whose Mellowtunes was one of the grooviest […]
Look, we can blame things on the dog smoking my homework or the fact that I’ve been working on my professional eater’s physique, but regardless of the extenuating circumstances, there were a few things I wanted to rap with you cats about last year, but never got around to it, you dig? Clearly, those ‘70s […]
Chris Daly beats in the trap. There only are so many hours in the day, and taking an hour to watch ?uestlove spin amidst head-nodding hipsters may not be your top priority — even if Questo is sporting a dope Prince tee. Hell, there are new episodes of Adventure Time to consume. We get it. […]
Chris Daly is huge in Japanese Bandcamps. Hide the children and women folk. Masked men continue to invade and take over the beat scene. In a world of deceased rodents and metal-fingered masters of mayhem, how does a beathead sporting a fucked up luchador mask make himself heard above the din of all that collective […]