Will Hagle explores the stratosphere where famed producer (in collaboration with the equally famed Kieran Hebden) beamed in his latest album.
Will Schube takes a look at Four Tet's "Planet."
Four Tet creates a playlist of gorgeous songs from Trump's list of banned countries.
Four Tet returns with a two song mini-album for your alternately melancholy and euphoric summer.
More of these links because the Internet insists on releasing music at grotesque speeds. Four Tet drops a 855 hour mix on Rinse FM, but you only listen to the last two in podcast form. Safe bet. Somewhere in here is a Burial and Four Track collaboration where they flip Mariah Carey. It’s unsurprisingly great […]
Adam Wray will sell you a flux capacitator for the right price. Four Tet aka Kieran Hebden is on one hell of a run. Since mid 2011, he’s been releasing a steady stream of original tunes, remixes, and collaborations that have cemented him as one of dance music’s most consistent and inventive producers. He’s one […]
Peter Holslin helped pioneer the bouzoki. I expected something strange when the news first broke that Syrian singer Omar Souleyman was teaming up with U.K. electronics conjurer Four Tet. Souleyman is a fairly straight-ahead musician—his raspy Arabic folk-pop jams just go, putting groove above all else. While Four Tet has a better ear for texture […]
The Corrections is a series where Passion of the Weiss staff writers listen to a classic album that they somehow never heard. Round 2 comes courtesy of Son Raw. So why have I never heard Rounds? Well gather here children and let me take you back to 2003: Bush was invading Iraq, 50 Cent was […]
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In what might be the greatest Soundcloud comment of all time or at least today, someone described this Four Tet refix of RN9’s “Rotunda” as like being at Mardi Gras in a submarine. This is underwater party music, voodoo bells and veiled street shouts and the feeling of being submerged. Four Tet has always sought […]