POW premieres the video for lojii and Swarvy's "poor git da $$$," in addition to a q&a with the duo.
Zilla interviews Lushlife about focusing on the fans and not the hype, working with Camp Lo, his new album, 'Ritualize,' and more.
Philly’s 88 are this year’s candidate for most proudly Ungooglable rap group. I assume it’s the year they’re born or maybe it’s the year their parents told them that rap was the best. Either way, they are not about to confuse anyone with The 88, but I see great potential in the most most random […]
Photo taken from the cover of my debut album: Pizza, Blunts & Podcasting. All production by Diamond D and the A-Teens. In the meantime, there is the latest episode of Shots Fired, where Zilla Rocca, Curly Castro, Prem Rock, and DJ Halo of Fake Four wander into the Cosmic Zoo to discuss Philadelphia hip-hop, noir-rap, […]
The flower-stomping Zilla Rocca flips Shallah Rae’s wrongly over-looked contribution to the BlackRoc project. The Philly noir-rap originator slants in the shadows, sneaking behind graf-scarred walls and thickets that threaten to engulf him. “17 Days in Va” is the title and Zilla knows about the pounds stashed down there and the lack of qualify craft […]
Slava P wrote this on the Chinatown bus. It’s unknown what Meek Mill was thinking when he decided to sign to MMG years ago. With so much lyrical potential presented through an authentic street-centered lens, Meek could’ve easily found success outside of Rozay’s flabby wing. The most likely explanation may lay in the fact that […]
Acorn Morocco is Aok November 26, 2012
Philadelphia does a few things very well: Cheesesteaks, Wawa, Wrecking Crews, Liberty Bells, and nasally shout rap. I would slot Acorn Morocco into the latter category. North Philly player funk never goes out of style. All this needs is a John Chaney cameo. Props to Small Pro for the heads up.
So it’s about that time again when folks start making all kinds of lists and slideshows arguing who made the best music we’ve heard this year. Skressful exercise if you ask me. Thankfully, I presume I’ll be sharing that responsibility with the POTW gang, so instead of getting all skressed about what I’m forgetting or […]
By Deen
Fresh kill from the Wrecking Crew. More black-clad pulp bangers pulsing out of the badlands between Motherless Brooklyn, The Big Sleep, The Fantastic Four and Charlton Heston before he burned his b-r-a-i-n for the NRA.  Curly Castro channels his inner Robert Thorn on “Soylent Green,” a track excised from his forthcoming Fidel, where he pairs […]