The episode is called “Guns and Monsters” because our guests were Pistol McFly and Snubnose Frankenstein. Two young rappers named after violent weapons who are both very good human beings. But that’s on the low-low. As is the mission of Shots Fired, we had them on the program to try to get them to play […]
If you’ve been paying attention to the last half-dozen episodes of Shots Fired, the only podcast to offer advice on how to adopt a puffin, you might notice that we’ve steered away from the one episode, one topic approach. There are only so many ways you can break down the history of independent rap and […]
I’m not going to waste my time writing about the ramifications of Miley’s moment as the Vanilla Ice of twerk. But you better believe that I will talk about it on a podcast.  It has been an epic week of tomfoolery from the Kanye eunuch appearing on the Kris Jenner show, to the VMA’s, to […]
Before I let Kendrick finish, I need to point out that Janet Jackson’s “Control” remains the best “Control” of all-time. Joy Division probably is hanging tough at number two. For the latest episode of Shots Fired, the only hip-hop podcast inspired by a Chris Brown and Tank song, we welcomed back BEeFF. If you don’t […]
The illustrious Folerio paid a visit to Shots Fired headquarters in traffic-clotted downtown Hollywood. Better known as Peanut Butter Wolf to non-Polish audiences, Mr. Butter Wolf has ran arguably the best independent label of the last decade and a half. Maybe you heard of the little records with donuts and masked men on the covers. […]
This photo screams for a caption contest. That’s what the comment section is for. As for me, I’m suffering from an overdose of Jay Jean Michael this week, what with my review at MTV Hive and the latest episode of Shots Fired. This one was originally supposed to feature Aceyalone, but there was a communication […]
For our latest foolhardy adventure in the world of semi-professional talking, myself and Nocando welcomed Wax onto Shots Fired. If you’re unfamiliar with the Maryland-raised, LA-based rapper, he used YouTube to build himself into an indie-rap star and leveraged his fanbase and skill into a a deal with Def Jam. As most major label deals […]
The new Shots Fired episode on Earwolf examines Chicago rap from Common to Chief Keef and all points in between. Because Nocando and I are Los Angeles bored and bred, we brought in Tal Rosenberg, the online editor of the Chicago Reader and Open Mike Eagle, the South Side-raised online editor of art rap. Or […]