Jonah Bromwich steers the whip with one arm like Herman of Herman’s Military Antiques. Action Bronson is so consistent that it can be tough to figure out what makes his two best projects to date, Blue Chips and now Blue Chips 2, qualitatively better than other recent work. Saab Stories was underrated, and some feel […]
Max Bell murdered Jar-Bar Binks.  There isn’t one Star Wars reference on Roc Marciano’s The Pimpire Strikes Back. It’s not a blatant disregard for source material so much as it is honest and telling revisionism. In other words, a young Marciano probably wasn’t rushing off to see George Lucas’ The Empire Strikes Back. Instead, he […]
I am well aware that Blue Chips 2 has already been posted all over the Internet, but if you didn’t think it has earned at least a pro forma post on this site, then my name isn’t Neon Boudreaux. It also so happens that I interviewed Bam Bam for Rolling Stone. We discussed grilled cheese, […]
Max Bell is doing Jamaican dances. Sequels rarely live up to the original. For every Blues Brothers there’s a Blues Brothers 2000. You hope for the best yet end up disappointed, admiring the intent more than the product itself. Really, it’s a matter of capturing the spur of the moment, recording the perfect combination of […]
Fat Joe continuing his one hot song every two years average. I need more interns to comb through Joey Crack records to scoop up the gems, but this got traction all over the Internet because Action Bronson’s slicked back hair is approaching the sheen of an Italian basketball coach and DJ Premier. You would never […]
I only wish my grandfather had lived to be there for this. He would’ve been the only one jamming. He also would’ve been riding for the free chocolate. Bambam also dropped “Water Sports,” another party favor from Saab Stories. As they say in the Bricks, pick it up, pick it up.
Someone was telling me last week how there is a formula to an Action Bronson verse. Mix an acrobatic gymnastic move into a foreign car, throw in a reference to an 80s athlete, smuggling drugs, and an exotic gourmet dish. Simmer and serve. And while many of his songs can be broken down that way, […]
Son Raw wrote a rap review I was slightly concerned for Action Bronson. Blue Chips was an amazing breakthrough displaying a world class persona with a surprisingly experimental edge, but a character as large as Bronson’s can easily calcify in the public eye. Despite working with one of rap’s best active veterans in Alchemist, Rare […]
When your album cover features two half-naked Asian girls in various states of duress and vomiting, you might imagine that a lot will get glossed over. Bronson plays the Bam Bam Bigelow pro wrestler role well. He understands what it takes to become a star in rap circa 2013. You need a larger than life […]
Some meat and potatoes rap from Action Bronson and Kool G Rap. And by meat and potatoes, I mean braised cornish game hen with a side of duchess potatoes. It only takes Bronsolino a bar to make a Demolition Man reference so you know it’s Wesley Snipes as a blonde real. Questions raised: Was Snipes […]