The new Shots Fired episode on Earwolf examines Chicago rap from Common to Chief Keef and all points in between. Because Nocando and I are Los Angeles bored and bred, we brought in Tal Rosenberg, the online editor of the Chicago Reader and Open Mike Eagle, the South Side-raised online editor of art rap. Or […]
The intention was to get two of the savviest managers in the music business into the studio and have them dish on the unsavory stories and sundry shadiness that they’ve come across during their time in the industry. We completely failed at that. However, I think that Dan Weisman (Elitaste Inc, former manager of Wale, […]
The episode title of the latest Shots Fired is “Mazel Tov, My Nigga.” I don’t feel comfortable writing that in a headline and I barely feel okay with typing it in the body of a blog post. I suppose that’s the underlying point of an episode devoted to race in hip-hop and the awkward moments […]
I originally wanted to do an episode on Chief Keef and Trinidad James and how they are the two names that  suck up all the oxygen in the rap room. This month’s edition. Instead, Nocando pointed out that they are products of a post-based society. He is probably right. Whether you love or hate Lil […]
Should you not follow me on Twitter (the horror), you may not have noticed that I am hosting a new weekly podcast on the ferocious Ear Wolf network (Comedy Bang Bang, SklarBro Country, Totally Laime). My co-host is the irrepressible Nocando of Low End Theory and Hellfyre Club fame. The latest episode is live now, […]