I’d like to think this photo accurately captures my feeling when Roc Marciano agreed to be the guest on the latest episode of Shots Fired. As you have probably read 73 times on this site, we are all fans of the honorable Hempstead rapper who treats Lamborghinis like bumper cars. For this episode we discussed […]
Apologies for the relative inaction in these parts. I have been traveling and listening to the song on Yeezus that makes me want to listen to Mos Def’s “Traveling Man.” This is, of course, a lie because I only have time in my life to listen to ESGN and Run the Jewels and Migos (as […]
The latest Shots Fired aims to get at the core of Dumbfoundead’s career, fan base, and racial stereotypes he’s encountered.  If you’re unfamiliar with the Koreatown rapper, this LA Weekly feature I wrote a while back should help you catch up.  We talk about battle rap, Project Blowed, his huge Nepalese fan base, being compared […]
The latest Shots Fired: “Rapper Snow tha Product & MySpace writer Rebecca Haithcoat join MC Nocando & Jeff Weiss to discuss female rappers and misogyny in Hip-Hop. They talk about the use of the word “bitch” in Hip-Hop, the difficulty of having to be careful of what to say as a woman, the sexualization of […]
In newspapers, the 30th issue often signifies the end of a print run (at least that’s what Ray Manzarek told me). However, Nocando and I have already taped our 31st episode so Shots Fired shall prevail at least a little while longer. Of course, ratings can always increase, which is why we brought on Worldstar […]
The latest episode of Shots Fired takes its title from this Busdriver song that seemed to obliquely epitomize the Harvard & Stone saga of the last week. Also, the room was comprised of myself, Nocando, the great O-Dub, and Open Mike Eagle. The description is below. Hopefully, it contributes to a discussion that we should […]
Inspired by a last minute cancellation and the enduring reality that all rappers are lead singers (and most have lead singer syndrome), the latest episode of Shots Fired features myself, Nocando, and our guests Open Mike Eagle and Taurus Scott talking about rappers who live on their own time, how fame effects a rapper’s ego, […]
With the mental acuity and punishing physical prowess of Kevin Sorbo in his prime, the new episode of Shots Fired addresses the “What If scenario.” Consider it part Sliders, part Plot Against America, part Earth-2. It looks at the ways in which rap history would be different if the space-time continuum had been altered in […]
Behold: the lone photo of me to ever appear on the Passion of the Weiss. In the words of the RZA on Wu-Tang Forever, this is like a comet. Or to paraphrase another eccentric superhero, once the face got revealed, game got real. The reason is that on the latest episode of Shots Fired, Nocando […]
With America convinced that the Harlem Shake is really the Oswald Cobblepot waddle, it seemed like a fitting time to have on Salva, the Chicago-bred, LA-based producer who has been blowing up ever since he and RL Grime remixed “Mercy.” I explained the story in an LA Weekly column last month, but in short, Salva […]