Son Raw will be in the UK in May and in Europe early June. He is willing to DJ something that isn’t Techno or Deep House for a reasonable fee. Contact him on twitter if you’re interested. I was actually thinking of skipping my column since I’d already covered this week’s big releases, but there’s […]
The Uncertainty of MssingNo February 21, 2014
Son Raw kind of just missed the Pokemon era as a kid Until I checked out the original version of Uncertainty for this post, I’d assumed Jagwar Ma was fronted by a waifish girl from Scotland rather than an Aussie dude with a thing for Madchester era vocal production. A rockist I am not. But […]
Son Raw sometimes listens to Zomby, never rocks Abercrombie London MC CasisDead spends a lot of time claiming he’s the real thing and not a gimmick, which is counter-intuitive for a guy who wears a skull mask and raps about everything from rape to guns with a healthy side of drug abuse and sales. While […]
Son Raw wrote up this damn list himself. Duh ha, duh ha, you never thought that this weird instrumental Grime music I started writing about in 2010 would take it this far! And to be honest, neither did I: 2013 was an outstanding year for Grime and Grime-related music, so much so that it’s been […]
Son Raw ain’t your motherfuckin’ boy. Like GZA said in 95 – you gotta read the label. If Dubstep had one advantage over Grime early on, it was  independent outlets such as Tempa and Planet Mu spreading the sound beyond the South London boroughs. Grime on the other hand, mostly existed through a sub-underground economy: […]