Yoni & Geti's "Madeline" is one of the best songs off their self-titled album.
2015: Year of the Novelist January 20, 2015
2015 is Novelist's to lose. He's got top producers in his corner, the game's biggest independent labels backing him and a flow accessible to a generation that's more Piratebay than Pirate Radio. No pressure.
There's always been a weird uncanny valley effect to Murlo's music where South and East Asian tonalities and instruments collide to create world music from a country that doesn't really exist.
Today would have been DJ Rashad's Birthday. Hyperdub and Teklife celebrate his life via video
Jimmy Ness’ first communion video was directed by Diane Martel Modern rap videos seem to direct themselves. They have 2-3 scenes. The artist does their best frowny face and points a finger gun at the camera. There‚Äôs a cool rented car, a gritty urban backdrop, a seductive vixen and an appearance from another popular artist. […]
Novelist enters the Yard February 7, 2014
Son Raw hit you with TSSS TSSS! Zha, whose mixtape I recently shared, is starting a new Youtube series highlighting up and coming emcees. Now I usually wouldn’t post a freestyle video, lord knows there’s enough sites dedicated those if you want to trawl through gigs worth of aspiring rappers, but once he roped in […]
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Slava P defeated Aubrey G in the 2005 Toronto Hebrew School Rap-Off. What do you do when you drop a just-okay single for your third album? Well, if you’re Aubrey Grahammy, you release some visuals that stretch your two minute song out to five-plus, all while profusely mentioning the city you grew up in (again) […]
On one hand, the rap song named after the famous person meme has been dead since Lil B made “Charlie Sheen.” On the other hand, Nacho Picasso opens “Dean Martin” with a clip from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure and spends the entirety of the video dressed up in a gray suit and bowtie. Don’t ask […]
Sasha Go Hard: Pretty Fly January 9, 2013
There is no truth to the rumor that I am the long-haired hipster in the peasant button-up whipping his hair like an American Apparel Willow Smith. But it’s nice to see that Sasha Go Hard allows the Flosstradamus set to crash her roof-top functions. If you didn’t pay obsessive attention to the Chicago Drill scene […]