Our favorite TV of 2014, aside from The Mentalist, which we've been watching for two weeks straight because we lost the remote and are too lazy to get up and change the channel.
Jordan Pedersen is workinonit I don’t envy the instrumentalist. Us writers get all these words to establish a setting, tell a story. But he without words has to tell a story through sound and mood alone. It’s gotta be hard. That’s probably why most producers stick with the same milieu: Blaxploitation, dusty grooves, teased afros […]
If Jordan Pedersen said some of the things Jeremih says, he’d be rightly tased. There’s virtue in saying no. We’ve all got that one friend who says yes to everything and never shows up to anything. “Yeah I’ll see if I can stop by,” the noncommittal text, the “Maybe” RSVP on Facebook. At the risk of sounding […]
Now Jordan Pedersen really wants to go to Angola too. “Write what you know,” they say. Great advice, except if what you know is boring as sin. Not that that’s a problem for Lisbon DJ Batida. According to an interview with iCrates, Pedro Coquenão was born in Angola but came up in Lisbon. He grew up […]
Much like the Grammy’s, the Academy’s selection process is questionable. Though it may seem that more often than not The Oscars do a good job of picking the cream of the crop, there are any number of outstanding films in a given year that will undoubtedly be left behind. So a few of us have […]
Jordan Pedersen has not seen Paid in Full, but he was a big fan of ER. The degree to which a rapper is freed from the need to say much of anything is in direct relation to how good said rapper is at rapping. Understandably, many rappers overestimate the latter, and things get off-balance: A$AP […]
Jordan Pedersen is still in love with the violin player from the “Overnight Celebrity” video. For some reason, I find that I like to scowl through my day: I try to avoid being a total dick to my coworkers, but work can be dumb, the weather in Chicago is fucking terrible, and SERIOUSLY MY LIFE […]