Don’t let the green grass fool you, Zilla Rocca is as regional a rapper as you could find.  Occasionally, he slips into the Shadowboxer noir-hop executive trench coat, but on the new Party with Villains EP, he pulls from the bullets and bourbon sagas of South Philly crime reporter George Anastasia, the legacy of Allen […]
Fresh kill from the Wrecking Crew. More black-clad pulp bangers pulsing out of the badlands between Motherless Brooklyn, The Big Sleep, The Fantastic Four and Charlton Heston before he burned his b-r-a-i-n for the NRA.  Curly Castro channels his inner Robert Thorn on “Soylent Green,” a track excised from his forthcoming Fidel, where he pairs […]
Intro inscribed illiodically by Zilla Rocca. The Firm’s self-titled album sold a million copies…and was universally considered a colossal failure, so much so that Eminem took a shot at it when he ghostwrote Dre’s verse on “Forgot about Dre”. The project was such a travesty that it fractured the relationship of one the most talented […]