Son Raw will be in the UK in May and in Europe early June. He is willing to DJ something that isn’t Techno or Deep House for a reasonable fee. Contact him on twitter if you’re interested. I was actually thinking of skipping my column since I’d already covered this week’s big releases, but there’s […]
Son Raw is back in the U.S.S.R. Not many club nights manage to attract attention outside of their home cities, particularly small, producer oriented ones. For all the hype around FWD and Low End Theory, theses were not (and are not) bacchanalian parties full of drug consumption and excess, they’re community run events by and […]
Son Raw is looking for a new room. Is genre even remotely useful anymore? From its earliest days as a tool for segregating “race” and “hillbilly” music in shops to its current status as a driver of ultra-specificity in dance music (minimal-psy-breaks anyone?), subcategorizing music into neatly defined boundaries has created as many problems as […]
Son Raw wrote up this damn list himself. Duh ha, duh ha, you never thought that this weird instrumental Grime music I started writing about in 2010 would take it this far! And to be honest, neither did I: 2013 was an outstanding year for Grime and Grime-related music, so much so that it’s been […]
Mr Mitch – The Man Waits December 11, 2013
Son Raw will be mixing tonight on Nasty.FM at 7PM EST – give him a listen. Mr Mitch was born in England, is plenty accepted in the Grime community and yet his best music often reminds me of something else entirely: the broken, experimental Hip-Hop orbiting Los Angeles’ Low End Theory. Woozy, mournful and unafraid […]
Son Raw has to wear gloves from now through April Wiley continues his streak as Grime’s most interesting man. Combine Nas’ love for the genre he elevated, Pharell’s production at its most alien, Lil Wayne’s propensity for releasing way too much music and the kind of contrarian streak that has a man dissing Glastonbury while […]
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Mr. Mitch – Suave MOFO October 17, 2013
Son Raw lives for the funk but dies for lack of good weather. The funkiest man out the Boxed crew, Mr. Mitch might also be the producer least beholden to Grime’s past among a cluster of artists seeking to redefine London’s millennial sonic boom. Having already made noise through the anthemic Skittles on Butterz and […]
Boxed takeover Rinse October 3, 2013
Son Raw can’t be boxed in. How can you tell if a Pirate Radio show is relevant? Well if the 90% of the Twitter shout outs are to producers huddling in front of their radios to hear new tunes and the other 10% are me, chances are you’ve hit a winner. Last Sunday’s Boxed takeover […]