Son Raw has gone through 150+ war dubs this week. Please stop. In case I haven’t made it obvious, Visionist is a shoe-in for my producer of the year. Equally beloved by Grime’s new wave and the amorphous East Coast beat scene coalescing around acts like Nguzunguzu and Fatima Al Qadiri, he’s slowly developed his […]
Sega Joker Drive September 3, 2013
Son Raw‘s smoking on that purple kush. You can call it a comeback. Joker’s first run of tunes in the late aughts was truly special, injecting a heavy dose of funk and color into a scene that was on the verge of drowning in its own darkness, but his subsequent pop-ambitions didn’t quite hit their […]
Wen’s Hedmuk mix July 29, 2013
Son Raw isn’t easily impressed I don’t usually bother with other blogs to find new music. If it’s big, the majors  will pick up on it, if it’s small then it won’t make it past Soundcloud and if it’s rap, someone here’s covering it. Hedmuk is the exception: a small UK outlet that’s gone above […]
Part 2 of Son Raw’s continuing look at London’s best radio station. Part 1 here. Dubstep: The cream of the crop Dubstep has seen better days on Rinse, as London’s sound of choice has found itself out of favor amongst listeners dissuaded by the anti-cool factor that comes with being America’s soundtrack to take drugs […]
Son Raw: The year in MEDI December 4, 2012
Son Raw has no inner peace. Or outter peace for that matter. Quiet as kept, Deep Medi creeped up to become my label of the year singles-wise. That will probably make me an exception to the rule as their tempo of choice is out of fashion amongst the trend-spotters and their groove is too broken, […]
Son Raw: #MTL Grime October 23, 2012
Son Raw’s about hash and hashtags It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you, without a new mix to step to. In between writing for this site and playing a variety of shows across the land (Toronto I see you, big announcement coming soon!) I recently found time to collect some of my […]
Skream – 100K Freeizm October 16, 2012
  Son Rawizm Dubstep originator Skream has had a quiet year since the birth of his son and the slightly overwrought, epic, tranced out single that followed. I suppose parenting  takes up the time he previously used downing Stella and pumping out Madlibian amounts of skunked out music. Thankfully, his twitter game has remained on […]
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Joker: Dubstep Road Warrior October 12, 2012
Son Raw is draped in mauve. Motorbikes? Check. Angry robots set to buzzsaw synths? Check. The color purple? Check. Sci-fi apocalypticism and funky futurism? Double check. Joker’s latest video meets all of the basic aesthetic requirements for a Mad Max reboot while keeping true to the Bristolian’s own analog-powered vision of life after a GOP […]
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Son Raw is still adapting to full-time work. Another new one from Dubstep and/or Bass music troublemakers The Soap Dodgers. This one includes a picture of a cat and references to Detroit which suggest some sort of kinship with Techno music (and/or Tyler, The Creator’s daydreams) although I’d be damned if I see it. Who […]
Son Raw is playing Piknic Electronik tomorrow from 2-5 alongside Jacques Green, Lunice and Machinedrum. Fact: you can throw an old scratchy recording of a jazz man speaking over just about any ol’ beat and we’ll post it here on GP. It just feels right. Thankfully, Jack Sparrow’s meditative roller comes with a flawless pedigree […]