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Gunplay vs. The Guillotine December 10, 2012
Because many music critics enjoy revisionist history and pretending that rappers are only influenced by esoteric regional or blog-rap references that only they catch, there has been little mention that three of the four best rappers of 2012  (Danny Brown, Kendrick Lamar, Gunplay and Freddie Gibbs) are heavily influenced by Wu-Tang. This is not half-baked […]
Tosten Burks is eminently hirable. This is how you impress fresh out of jail. On house arrest after posting bail (and facing trial for charges of assault and assorted armed robbery), Gunplay marches on, releasing fire in preparation for his debut solo LP Medellin. Have T.I. or Lil Wayne rapped this well at any point […]
The blog industrial complex should be embarrassed that fighting five goons was the first time they had even mentioned Gunplay. But if this leads to him dating Mary Kate Olsen and it being covered on TMZ than so be it. The white girl jokes alone will pay for themselves. This video leaked yesterday and only […]
The Gospel of Gunplay September 4, 2012
Slava P was wired when he wrote this, so forgive him if he goes too fast. Continuing to cement his role as the lovable underdog of MMG, Gunplay has dropped a video for “Take This,” one of the singles off his 601 & Snort mixtape. Looking visibly unhinged throughout the video (which he apparently directed […]
Lords Never Worry finally drops, boasting the least Jewish name for a rap record since Nigga Please. I am of the Semitic mindset that worrying is often a supremely effective artistic technique. It forces you to quit or improve. But rap and writing are wholly different entities. Drake is the most neurotic rapper of all-time […]
Gunplay – M1 August 22, 2012
Son Raw doesn’t smoke M39. I wanted to start this post by saying that Gunplay never appearaed on a song with Drake but the Internet debunked that. Thanks a lot Youtube, some things are better left forgotten. This shouldn’t matter though because Gunplay is still the anti-Drake: loud, insensitive and a 150 proof distillation of […]
Slava P briefly dated the Maybach Music Girl. For a team that fairly recent started gaining traction, Maybach Music Group has already accrued a fairly popular, if polarizing, roster. There’s the tilapia-loving bawse, Rick Ross; the misguided Midwest transplant, Stalley; the one-man-twerk-machine, Omarion; Meek ‘No Indoor Voice’ Mill; and their newest signee, Rockie Fresh, who […]